Health & Wellbeing Group

Our Health Group – Session 2016/17


As a health-promoting school and within a progressive framework, children are provided with opportunities to explore their feelings and emotions, to understand physical factors in relation to their health and to develop a sense of social responsibility. Promoting health and well being at school is embedded in the variety of activities offered during the school day and in extra-curricular activities.

The Health Group representatives regularly meet to discuss ideas for promoting health and well-being within school. They have ran various enterprises from healthy ‘tuck’ shops to a number of sponsored active health events.

Our Health and Well Being Members for this session are:

P1 – Freya

P2 Lewis

P3 Adam,  Connor

P4 Stash and Dominic

P5 Shaun ,Shaun V

P5/6     Niamh, Adam

P6/7 Adrian, David


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