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P2 Library Visit

Primary 2 enjoyed a visit to our new library today.  We were greeted by Ann, the librarian, who was very glad to see so many children excited about books and reading.  After explaining where the different books are kept Ann kindly let all the children choose a special book to borrow and keep in school

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Incy Wincy

Primary 2 have been busy threading spider webs and attaching spiders to them, as part of their work on animal habitats. Not all spiders spin webs though – maybe your P2 child could tell you what the Red Crab Spider lives on and how it catches its food.…

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Visit from the Scottish S.P.C.A. to P1-3

Primary 1, 2 & 3 came together on Monday morning to listen to information about the work of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  We learned about some of the animals that have been treated and what to do if we find an injured animal.  We found the visit very interesting …

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A time for sharing

Primary 2 were lucky enough to be visited by Primary 6/7 yesterday as part of our World Book Day celebrations.  The Primary 2 children shared some of their favourite stories with Primary 6/7.  They enjoyed being read to by the “big” children and it was a lovely way to promote the joy of reading.

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Our World Book Day Winners!

P1 – Corin Walker – Stitch

P2 – Antony Kaldowski – Lolek

P3 – Lewis Brand – Billionaire Boy

P4 – Carl Francis – Willy Wonka

P5 – Josef Ratcliffe – Astronaut

P6 – Hannah Crawshaw – White Giraffe

P6/7 – Josh Gillan – Mr. Stink

Well done to everyone who dressed up for World …

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Weighing things up!

Primary 2 have been busy weighing all kinds of things as part of their measurement maths topic.  This week they have been learning about kilograms.  After holding a kilogram weight the children had to estimate how many apples/potatoes/books/tins/shoes would equal a kilogram.  Then they put their guesses to the test using balance scales.  They discovered …

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Shapes all around us

Primary 2 have been very busy learning about 2d and 3d shapes.  This week they have been on a shape hunt around the school, looking for ordinary items shaped like cylinders, cuboids, spheres, cones etc.  They found a huge number of these shapes in a very short time.  The most common shape was the cuboid.  …

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Time to learn

Primary 2 have been learning all about time this term. They know the days of the week in order and can even do a line dance to the months of the year! They have been working hard to learn about clocks. They know what o’clock and half past look like on both analogue and digital …

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Primary 2 learn about their senses

Primary 2 are enjoying learning all about their senses.  They know that we have 5 senses and that our brain tells us which sense to use.  This week we have been learning about the sense of hearing.  The children enjoyed playing a listening bingo game in which they had to identify different household sounds.  They …

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Parent Questionnaire

Thanks to all parents/carers who completed our online questionnaire.

The key point for action will be shared in due course.

We can now announce that the winning class of the extra 30 minute playtime is the Primary 5/6 class with a total of 67% questionnaire returns.


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