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Time to learn

Primary 2 have been learning all about time this term. They know the days of the week in order and can even do a line dance to the months of the year! They have been working hard to learn about clocks. They know what o’clock and half past look like on both analogue and digital …

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Primary 2 learn about their senses

Primary 2 are enjoying learning all about their senses.  They know that we have 5 senses and that our brain tells us which sense to use.  This week we have been learning about the sense of hearing.  The children enjoyed playing a listening bingo game in which they had to identify different household sounds.  They …

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Parent Questionnaire

Thanks to all parents/carers who completed our online questionnaire.

The key point for action will be shared in due course.

We can now announce that the winning class of the extra 30 minute playtime is the Primary 5/6 class with a total of 67% questionnaire returns.


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Parent Questionnaire

Below is a copy of the parent questionnaire for any parents who are having trouble accessing the online version.

We have found that if you cannot access this, it is usually because of parent security settings on the device being used.

Using a mobile phone seems to be the most reliable method of accessing it …

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Five Sisters Zoo Trip

Well done to Stuart House for being the winning house this year! They’ve had a fantastic day out at The Five Sisters Zoo as a reward. Some of our favourites have been the lions, meerkats and bears! Let the house competition for next session’s trip commence……

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Our Superstars!

Well done to all our winners!

Niamh McMeeking – P6 Cross Country Race

Jonathon Roy – Overall Winner of the Gala Art Competition

Jaiden Baker – Gala Art 1 st place age 5-6

Madison Hook – Gala Art 2nd place age 5-6

Cara Brand – Gala Art 2nd place age 7-8

Olivia Richardson – Gala …

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Award Winners 23rd March

IMG_1275 IMG_1276

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Artful colours

Primary 2 have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and produced these wonderful winter tree silhouettes. ‘Budding’ artists in the making? What do you think?IMG_0890

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Pupils Vanish!

Primary 2 pupils appeared to have vanished today!!!

However there were some weird and wonderful characters who turned up instead. On talking to these characters it seems that they come out once a year for World Book Day and then disappear back off to Story World.

Mrs Rankine is hoping that all the boys and …

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Measure Up To That!

Primary 2 have been working on measure in maths and have been using the outdoors to experience practical learning. They measured length, height, depth and width using rulers, metre sticks and measuring tapes and learned how to read and write in centimetres right into the hundreds. They have also used non-standard measures for weighing including …

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