School Vision

“Taking every child forward…. leaving no child behind”

St. Paul’s Primary School aims to develop in each individual their full potential within a caring environment which fosters a true witness to Christian Values and Beliefs.

We aim to nurture respect, confidence, collaboration and support for each other in a healthy environment which promotes wellbeing for all and to develop all our talents to the best of our ability. We aim to do this through improving the quality of successful experiences and activities to enable our children to become confident and in turn accept their responsibility to effectively contribute to our Communities and Society.




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Achievement and Attainment

  • Motivate our Children to achieve their full potential by using a range of exciting methods of teaching and a broad curriculum,
  • Assess our Children with a fair, constructive range of methods which identify strengths and targets and thus promote next steps for learning, 
  • Further the self evaluation process in all staff linked to effective monitoring which assures high quality experiences and standards of attainment for our Children,
  • Support all Children’s learning by using the tools provided to support additional learning needs.
  • Focus on review of CFE Learning Outcomes in Language and Drama.

quote openWe will continue to further embed Formative Assessment Strategies into our Programmes of Study and continue to clearly stating purposeful Learning Outcomesquote close in all Planning.

Framework for Learning

  • Use good resources and balanced work to help our Children achieve their best standard and full potential,
  • Build on the Staff Team’s strengths by supporting professional, personal and social development.
  • Develop new approaches to learning which enhances Challenge, Personalisation and Choice.
  • Develop further use of Critical Skills and Active Learning Opportunities taking cognisance of Health & Well Being, Enterprise and Eco Agenda.

quote openWe will continue to develop Circle Time Strategies and identifying use of Positive Praise Systems linked to quote closeresponsibilities.

Inclusion and Equality

  • Develop an understanding of all people’s needs, rights and responsibilities,
  • Fulfil the requirements of all who come into our School by addressing appropriate identified outcomes for learning and accessibility to education.
  • Raising awareness with all staff “Getting it Right for our Children”

quote openWithin the context of Health & Wellbeing: Continue to review our approach toquote close Racial Equality.

Values and Citizenship

  • Ensure that we set a good example of Catholic and Christian Values to all,
  • Make sure we have good links and true partnership with Home, Parish and the Wider Community.
  • Ensure we have an Eco Friendly and enterprising Environment.
  • Continue to develop Eco and Enterprise Agenda.

quote openWe will continue to broaden links with local Schoquote closeols and Churches.

Learning for Life

  • Provide for the needs of our Pupils and nurture their talents and gifts for later life,
  • Create a secure, happy and caring place to work and learn where all feel valued.
  • Continue to develop the After School Programme with a commitment to Active Health & Wellbeing, Enterprise and Eco Agenda.
  • To review the safe use of the Internet for our Young People and their parents.

quote openWe will continue to build upon existing positive work with SCIAF and other Charities and broaden awarenesquote closes of Fair Trade.
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