School Travel

Bus Transport

The Authority’s current policy is to pay travelling expenses of those primary age pupils attending the District School from within its catchment area if they

  • live more than 1.5 miles from their catchment school
  • are in their last year of primary school and  have moved to another catchment area, and have attended their catchment school
  • are attending their catchment school but with a medical problem requiring special transport provision applied for via the school doctor

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that children arrive at the pick-up points on time and that they are there to collect the children at the end of the School Day. Parents are also responsible for the behaviour and manner of their children on the transport.

Parents who choose to send their children to a School other than the district school will not receive assistance in relation to travel to and from school.

Follow the website below to apply for a school bus pass.

or ask for a form from the school office.


Car Parking and Drop-off


There are no parking areas provided for children to be dropped off. The Scottish Government  recommends that children walk or cycle to school when safe to do so. The Police have suggested that parents who have to drive to School should park in or adjacent to East Calder Main Street and walk their children to the playground via the Church grounds and path provided by the Council at the side of the Church Car Park – this is known as “Park and Stride”. Alternatively, drivers can park in the Church Car Park and walk on the path to the P1-3 playground. Please do not use the staff car park unless you have limited mobility and have pre-arranged this with the School.

At pick-up times parents should collect their child from the Playground and walk them to their vehicle. Children should not be allowed to run across or play in the School or Church Car Park nor take short-cuts across the Church Car Park. Drivers do not expect children to appear on the side lane and parents should discourage their children from walking or cycling in the lane.

Please be a courteous driver, park sensibly and consider the safety and welfare of all our children at all times. Parents should not use the private road from the Main Street to the School gate; this is for access to property beyond the School, staff gaining access to the School Staff Park and official School buses. Parents of children in both the School and Nursery Class cause an obstruction to the safe escort of pupils by School staff onto school transport.

Cycling To School

St. Paul’s Primary encourages older children to cycle to school. Please remember that bicycles are left at your own risk. Cycle safety must be adhered to at all times and all cyclists must wear helmets. No cycling is permitted within the boundaries of the school nor on the Church Path and lane leading to the school. Cyclists should provide a lock and chain for their cycles and secure them to the bicycle racks provided in the playground.

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