Associated High Schools

Primary 7 pupils from St. Paul’s normally transfer to secondary education between the ages of 11½  and 12½  so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years.

Our pupils normally transfer (but not exclusively) to:

St. Margarets Academy, Livingston
St. Margaret’s Academy
Howden South Road
West Lothian
EH54 6AT

t: 01506 497104

West Calder High School
West Calder High School
Limefield Road
West Calder
West Lothian
EH55 8QN

t: 01506 871510

Parents of Primary 7 children normally receive a letter in November from the Pupil Placement Section advising them to apply for a secondary place for their child.

Parents should return their completed application forms to:

Pupil Placement Section
Education Services
West Lothian Civic Centre

Howden South Road

EH54 6FF

t: 01506 280000

Transition Arrangements

Each secondary school admits pupils from a number of associated primaries. St. Paul’s Primary School works closely with its associated High Schools and the children living in the catchment area of the schools. Both high schools have excellent transition arrangements with a programme starting early in the P7 year. Children have opportunities to visit the High School and become familiar with a range of staff. High School staff also take the opportunity to visit Cluster primaries during the session to make themselves known to pupils. Additional support is available to pupils who require this during the transition period and arrangements are made for referral to ensure transition is as smooth as possible.

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